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Free vintage desktop wallpaper – Highway Code

Posted by Jane

29 Mar 2013

Illustrations taken from The Highway Code. Printed by Her Majesty’s Stationary Office for The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation London, 1954.

Red dot zebra crossing


Parked car

Rear view mirror

Green dot transport

Pelican crossing with traffic

Island crossing

Traffic policeman

Free vintage desktop wallpaper – flags

Posted by Jane

13 Apr 2012

The images come from ‘The Observer’s Book of Flags’ published in 1966. They appear in this pocket size book at approx 5cm wide and look great blown up into a desktop.

Great Britain Navy
Former Admiralty Flag and also used by the Queen when she was head of the Royal Navy

Navy Flag

Bands of colour with a Crested Crane in the centre.

Uganda Flag

Washington State, USA
Baring a replica of the State Seal

Washington State Flag

‘The President’s flag’ of Burma with a peacock on.

Burma Flag

The ‘Geus’, the naval jack of the Netherlands.

Netherlands Jack Flag

Belgium Airforce
Target and gold lion with superimposed stylised wings.

Belgium Airforce Flag

New Mexico, USA
The Ancient Zia sun symbol of the Zuni Native Americans and the colours of Old Spain who once ruled the area.

New Mexico State

South Dakota, USA
The Sunshine State also known as The Mount Rushmore State

South Dekota Flag

Free vintage desktop wallpaper – maps

Posted by Jane

4 Aug 2011

From the book ‘Britain between West and East’ a Contact Publication. This illustrates the following… “In the political warfare of the USA, American labour’s support has never been given exclusively either to Democrats or Republicans.”


From Bartholomew’s illustrated map series ‘Looking at London’ 1977.


Solar System
The Solar System of sun and planets travelling anti-clockwise round it. From ‘Odhams Encyclopaedia for Children’.


Educational map
Geographical terms in picture and map. From ‘Philips’ Pictorial Atlas of the World showing where and how people live (West Riding of Yorkshire Edition)’.

Educational map

From the cover of ‘Russia – around the World Program’ by the American Geographical Society, 1963.


Route 50
Map of Route 50 Nevada ‘The Loneliest Road’ from the commission of tourism c. 2001.

Route 50

British shipping weather forecast areas
From ‘Seaway Code – a guide for small boat users’. Prepared by the Department of Trade and the Central Office of Information, 1976.


Arctic Circle
Taken from ‘St Michael Picture Atlas’ by David and Jill Wright, 1982.

Arctic Circle

Free Vintage Desktop Wallpaper

Posted by Jane

26 Mar 2009

After making a couple of pieces from my collection into wallpaper for my computer I thought it might be nice to make more and to share.

Morphy Richards Astral Refrigerator

Morphy Richards Leaflet

Polish Zwiedzajcie Zoo Matchbox Label

Matchbox label with zoo image

Japanese Street Map Matchbox Label

Matchbox label with map image

Marshall & Snelgrove Department Store Hat Box

Marshall and Snelgrove Department Store hatbox pattern

Beethoven Penguin Score Book Cover

Beethoven Penguin Score book cover

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Polish Electrical Matchbox Label

Polish Electrical Matchbox Label

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